- - U N S I G N E D     H Y P E - -


   That's right... finally a big update to J.R. Writer Online.  As you can see, J.R. Writer Online has added a section dedicated to unsigned Rappers, Producers, Singers, and DJ's

   If you want to be featured in this section or know somebody who should be, send an E-Mail to JRWriterOnline@yahoo.com with
"Unsigned Hype" in the subject. In this email it is important that you include a link to somewhere I can listen to a few of your audio tracks so I can determine if you'll be on the site.  If you just send me an email with lyrics and no audio it'll be deleted.

This section will be a great way to get your name out to the public, network with other musicians, and possibly land yourself a record deal!

NOTE: Not every person who submits their material will be added to the site.  I will be taking the top rappers, producers, and singers, to make sure that the site only has quality stuff for yall to listen to.


Each artist will have their own page which will include:

-Bios     [Click here for Bio tips]
-Contact Info

Optional items that may be included are:

-Tour Info
-Link to Official Site
-Wallpapers / Buddy Icons


The August Line-up:
-Jordon Star (R)
-K Nell (R)
-DJ Brid (P,D)
-DJ Nuke (D)
-Hayklass (P)
-Elz (R)
-Metro Beats (P)
-Oh! (P)
-Paperboy Fabe (P)
-Sly Philly (R)
-DJ Sixx (D,P)
-White Mike (R)