+Young Hott :: Rapper :: Pittsburgh, PA+

: : HIS SONGS : :

Crunk Music Freestyle
I'm Bout Dat
We Can Get It On

: : HIS BEATS : :
Dreams Closed
Glock N Grip

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Young Hott (or Y.H. for short) is a 16 year old from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He began writin rhymes at the young age of 12 and hasn't looked back since.  Everybody would always ask themself “How does he know so much, if he is 12?” Well he’s the son of a hustler, nephew of a hustler, cousin of a hustler. Its just in his blood, he’s even a hustler, just except he hustles the music he makes. As he got older everything he did got better, the way he rhymed got better, the way his flow was got better, he ~almost~ perfected his style before he was 16, I only say almost because he’s going to get a lot better than what he is already.

Y.H crushes his fans ears how he makes every word rhyme at the end of his sentence, how he has so many punch-lines that hit very hard, and how he delivers each bar. The first time he was ever on stage rapping, it was a battle to see who would win full of grown men, host by P Cutta the D.J. He was 11 about to turn 12, everyone was laughing at first and wondering what he was doing on the stage because he was so small and his voice was so squeaky; if you just heard the audio and didn’t see the visual, you would have thought he was a girl rapping. His first battle, he bit his opponents head right off, the second one, it was like a re-run with just a new person in it, the same exact thing occurred; his opponents head was bitten off, his third battle on the stage, he made his opponent put the microphone down and quit, mind you his opponent is a grown man, at least 25. This continued the rest of the day until the battles were over, Y.H won the whole thing.

Since P Cutta seen how Y.H destroyed every rapper that he battled, he gave Y.H the opportunity to open up for the Young Gunz (Chris and Neef, From Roc-A-Fella Records). Y.H did so, he had the whole place rocking, everybody nodding there head, putting there hands up and down, it was a crazy experience for him because he was so young, he just couldn’t believe the support everybody was giving him. Right after Y.H got done doing his performance, it was time for the Young Gunz to come do theirs. They told Y.H personally that he was hot, and he was only a young boy still. So ever since then he knew that he was special. Since he liked rapping, he started to make beats. So Y.H is now a rapper and a producer, and he now feels he is the best at both.