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Cliff 'Sinatra' Lacroix (aka VENOM), born in Queens Hospital in 1987, never knew his life would turn out this way.  His parents settled in Flatbush in Brooklyn.   Sinatras dad "Willy Lacroix" played for a West Indies music band called "The Mini Allstars".  After a couple years in Flatbush, his parents decided to move to another town in Brooklyn known as Coney Island.  Cliff always was fasinated with music since the age of 10.  In 1999, he moved from New York City to Florida.  Soon after, the movie Backstage hit theaters and Cliff was exposed to the life of touring and enjoying life as he always wanted.   It was a never ending battle between him and the mic.  He made small local groups who had a lot of buzz around the streets of Jacksonville, Florida.  He became very well known and currently is running with a band of elite MC's known as "700 Gramz".  With the company of 4 other s, Sinatra's lyrics and plotting skills will take the industry by storm.