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Swagger Jackin
Dope, Crack
Mixtape Wreck


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Stay Lace is the voice of Southern Cali and Diego streets for undergound rap.  Made up of Millz(18), Lil' Neze(22), At Will (20), Heart Break(23), Cail-S(18) and Ill Relly Relly Killa(18). They are known as the West Coast kids with the East Coast flow.  But really it's just the newest form of West Coast rap unlike any others, using metaphors, punch-lines, and flashy bars (most which aren't even pre-written) to free-styles. Manly known for there signature parties and turning out others, to battles for local reps, to street slanggin Mix-tapes and many run-ins with the law, they do it all. Mostly in it to express there views of the world and how they're making room for the new sound of the west even if its by their lonesome. After a tragic shooting almost brought this street team to a end, the game just got that much more real for these kids and the movements moving no-matter who moves with it