+ Slash :: Producer :: Huntsville, AL +

MySpace/UltraSoundEnt (produces)
MySpace/SomeLoveSomeHate (raps)

E-Mail: jameahsullivan@hotmail.com


Leading the next generation in hip hop is femme fatale Slash. Playing a dual role as producer and emcee, she is positioned to be the "next big thing". While most of the other kids at 8 were concerned about tire swings and monkey bars, Slash was putting together a couple bars of her own. Penning sixteens soon turned into full-fledged songwriting and eventually production would come into the picture to make Slash one of the most well rounded artists of today. Working with fellow producer Rich Green and the artists on their 3rd Phasz Entertainment label, you can look to hear the name Slash several times in the near future.

: : HER BEATS : :
Kiss The Pinky Ring

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