+Lokken Load Ent. :: Producers :: Pittsburgh / Miami+

: : THEIR  BEATS : :
J.R. Writer - Complicated
Paul Cain f. Stack
9 to 5

Note:  All songs in RealAudio format.


E-Mail Warlokk: espwarlokk@gmail.com
E-Mail Lawdy: esplawdy@gmail.com

Name: Lokken Load Entertainment
           (Warlokk and Lawdy)

Age: Both 21

Influences: Scott Storch, Just Blaze,
Bone Thugs N Harmony, Cassidy

Current Favorites: 50 Cent, Bun B,
The Game, J.R. Writer

Artists They've Produced For: J.R. Writer, Paul Cain, Stack Bundles, D.O.E. (Timbaland's artist), Shiest Bub, Ike Eyes, The Senate (Knight, Taj Mahal), S.A.S., Nucci Reyo, Tom Gist, Project GNSS (Eurogang), St. Laz, Big Cas, Donn's Day (Dipset/BMR), ATM, Phene, Smoove Da Don

Career Accomplishments:  Every placement we get is an accomplishment.  We've appeared on mixtapes from Big Mike to Kochece to DJ Kurupt.. we've got countless songs up on Hiphopgame.com and are featured on so many websites from Crackaudio.com to Awready.com including interviews all over the place.  Also one of the biggest, if not THE biggest accomplishment so far was hooking up with our manager, Camacho, and getting multiplatinum producers, Midi Mafia to cosign us and now have them bringing us into the game!!  No other producers can say they have such powerful people in the industry backing them up - from 50 Cent and Sha Money, to Midi Mafia, to Dino Delvaille, to Lenny Santiago and Jay-Z!  That's surreal, and easily the foot in the door that we need right now to make an impact on the game in the near future.

Equipment They Use:  Fruity Loops, Adobe Audition, Yamaha DGX-202 Keyboard, Motif, Reason