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Cant Stay Away
Mean Muggin
My Home VA

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   As you all may know, Virginia has a little buzz in the music industry. Due to the commercial success of Missy Elliot (Portsmouth), Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes (Virginia Beach), and Timbaland (Virginia Beach). Now, the streets must surface from Virginia to let the world know what really goes on. In 2001, Jaisaun (Artist, Founder, President, and Owner of JaiWalk Music and JaiWalk Films) was a part of the five man crew, Mind Reapers along with Shawn Doe (JaiWalk artist), Tony Hustle known then as Narratah Destro (JaiWalk artist), Majah Blood and Greg Mohan (JaiWalk Artist/ President). Mind Reapers succeeded with making a classic album that was well-respected from the  streets. But was a commercial flop.

   Three years later after the Mind Reapers dismantled, Jaisaun founded JaiWalk Music which basically consist of the  same artist from MR. But the only difference is Jaisaun is the captain of the ship. In July 2005, he released the highly-respected "My World: Volume One" mixtape. That mixtape circulated a big buzz for Jaisaun. Tony Hustle followed releasing his first mixtape for JaiWalk Music in January 2006, "Happy New Year". It's also shaking the streets. Now for the second time around, Jaisaun's releasing "This Is Me: Volume Two" on May 5th.

   Tony Hustle will follow up releasing "The Blessed Evil" in the spring. Greg Mohan will release his first mixtape "The War Within" soon also. And also look out for the Shawn Doe mixtape, "Real Talk, Real Life" .  Also check for Legion's mixtape near the end of the summer.  Legion is bound to take  over the American dancehall market. Jaisaun will release his first album, "The Autobiography" on August 15th. JaiWalk Music is bigger than music, it's a movement that moves with loyalty and respect.