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Got Dipset Vol 3 Intro
Got Dipset Vol 3 Outro

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I (DJ Six) have been making mixtapes for just under a year. I started out with a mix CD that was horrible in my opinion but people liked it (It was a various artist mixtape).  Then I started doing Diplomats exclusive CD's because I've had love for the 'Set since I was 16 years old. I first started from one drop by Pyro from Dramasetters, which led to other Artists and Producers doing drops for me.  Ive been asked by lots of artist to host their tapes.  The one thing that makes me different from other DJ's is that I dont talk over every single track, because I feel that people wanna hear good music (not an echo of a voice for the whole song.) 

Ive always known that I had what it takes to be a good DJ, and now I'm just trying to put those characteristics into my everyday music.  People who have made my Cd's what they are today are: Pyro,Spectacular,Kelz...The Hero,Dutchbeetz,Young Harlem,Young A,Littles The General,Kyle a.k.a UnKasa56,Joe,Nyso,Illogik,Shazy and people from Jrwriteronline.com,harlempiff.com and hoodmuzik.net.

Without people backing you up and feeling your music you wont make it far.  The fans are always first... Camron said it best "You dont need me, I need you".  I'm on the grind with this.  I started from nothing and gained respect from people all over the indrustry.  From free covers from graphic artists to free drops from some of JR Writers producers, I'm proof you can make mixtapes from nothing to something.