+DJ Nice :: Producer :: New Haven, CT+


E-Mail: DJNice013@yahoo.com


   If you look up the word "Nice" in a dictionary you may come across a few entries such as "Of good character and reputation" and " Pleasing and agreeable in nature", but the one entry that stands out here is "Done with delicacy and skill" and that is exactly what DJ Nice brings to the table with his grimey street style of production. Known for his simplistic yet hard hitting drum patterns and heavy samples, DJ Nice captures the grimey street sound / soul vibe which has been known to be assoicated with the Crack City name. Also as the head of Crack City Productions, DJ Nice is always constantly on the non-stop grind to make sure He & his partner Cells are constantly pumping out exactly as their name defines ... CRACK.

Produced For : Tom Gist (Diplomats), Ike Eyes (Purple City), Big Cas, St. Laz (Pottersfield), Geolani (ADF/Sony RED), Project GNSS (Euro Gang), And Many More Up & Coming Artists ...

: : HIS BEATS : :
Tom Gist - Iron Clad Freestyle
I Hear Something Saying

Note:  All songs in WMA format.