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The hardest thing in life to do is....what your heart and vison tells you to. The most beautiful thing in life is when you follow your heart and allow your vision to guide you. Cassius Clay has achieved the latter, his music is a reflection of his inner vision and his hearts most sacred truths. More than a beat maker or producer Cassius Clay is a svengali of sorts. His cords, drums, kicks and snares are beautifully orchestrated to pull unrealized potential out of the most seasoned artist. His tracks are a rich blend of all of his inspirations, from jazz to funk, Hip-Hop to R&B. Not limited by current trends Cassius is always willing to push the envelope on what music can be....if music is life then Cassius Clay is truly ALIVE.... vibrant, glowing and following his heart only gudided by his vision.

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Danger Awaits

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