"Growing up in Harlem, I went though all the rough stages as far as being broke. I robbed a couple of people in my day, hustled; I did everything that goes on in the streets. Everybody got their own life they live and their own story so Im basically telling the people the life I been through coming up and everyday shit that people can relate to. From being fucked up to grinding to being up to shining to being in the club, just life from my point of view."

    Also dubbed The Ethiopian because of his hunger by Cam, J.R. has spent the majority of his time for the last four years holed up in the studio and getting his weight up battling MCs all over. Connecting with various Diplomat members led to his timely meeting with Killa who was impressed by Writers lyrical wordplay and promised to scoop up the young homie once his label deal was situated. Continuing to flex his skills with fellow Dipset member Juelz Santana, J.R. ended up making Santanas 2003 debut From Me To U on the gutter track Squalie. And once Cam heard the track, J.R. has been on with the Dips and now its his turn to bust.